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Who We Are

B&B Payee Services is a 501(c-3) non-profit corporation located in the state of Michigan. We are an organization that provides Representative Payee Services, Federal Fiduciary Services, Conservator Services and Financial Management assistance.  We help all who are experiencing financial obstacles, including those with disabilities, low income, or receiving Social Security and/or Veterans benefits.

What We Do

B&B Payee Services offers professional and courteous services in the following areas:  

  • Personalized budgeting

  • Regular and reliable distribution of funds

  • Prompt payment of bills

  • Account reports printed according to request

  • Budgeting for special needs and savings goals

  • Assisting case managers and support coordinators with maintenance of benefits

  • Completing all required reports for Social Security.

B&B Payee Services is able to provide professional and courteous service because of the training and dedication of our staff to the people we serve.

We have a strong commitment to improve the financial lives of all the individuals that we serve.


Our Mission


Our mission is to provide professional representative payee services, and financial management assistance to people who have low income, disabilities, those receiving Social Security or Veterans benefits and are experiencing financial obstacles.

Our Values
  • Respect all clients, their families and friends

  • Provide high quality and professional service

  • Maintain a high level of honesty and integrity

Our Objectives
  • Improve the financial status and well-being of our clients

  • Be available and accessible to all clients and potential clients

  • Ensure the financial viability of the company.

  • Gain a reputation in the community for service and high quality work

Our Team
Bobby Johnson
Chief Executive Officer 

Helen Smith
Office Manager

James E Johnson
Account Specialist

JR Work.jpg
Jon Ray Johnson
Account Specialist

Contact us for details

We are here to assist you by phone, email or via Social Media.

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