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What we offer

As Representative Payee, B&B Payee Services provide a valuable service to our clients. For those whom we serve as representative payee, this service may include some or all of the following functions:

  • Paying for food, shelter and personal needs expenses

  • Monitoring personal accounts for resource limitations

  • Reporting monthly earned income to Social Security Administration, if employed,

  • Filing required reports to Social Security Administration with supporting documentation

  • Advocating for beneficiaries to protect, maintain or reinstate benefits through waiver appeal to Social Security Administration

  • Providing written reports to beneficiaries and if requested, to family members, case managers, and social workers

Appointment Process

If you or your client meets any of the criteria under "Who Needs a Payee", follow the steps below:


If you have a client that currently has a payee but would like to change. The following steps outline the process for changing payees.

Contact us for details

We are here to assist you by phone, email or via Social Media.

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